Thursday, December 11, 2008


So i realized i haven't blogged in a while. oops. I completely missed November! So here is my blog for November. Although it was busy, but mainly uneventful, we had a great Thanksgiving with my family and lots of great food! I didnt go all out decorating for fall, but did manage to put a wreath on my door, and its not Martha Stewart worthy, but this is what it ended up like after trying to do the ribbon 7 times! (its a little battered from the storm the other day)

The highlight of November came on the very last night of the month. Someone had dropped 2 puppies at our house. We had pulled in the driveway and saw something on our porch. We backed up to shine the light on it and 2 little faces peeked out. This is the following conversation:


steve: no we dont.

me: yes we do!! we've got puppies!!

steve: nu huh, no we dont.

me: uh huh!! we've got puppies!!

Anyone notice the difference in punctuation in our sentences? So we found a great home for one of them and here is our newest member of the family, Annie.

I call her our Lil Orphan Annie, but we really named her Annie Oakley. Our other dog is named Cowboy, so now we have Cowboy and Annie Oakley.

Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keeping Busy

I've seen this on a few other blogs, and its neat to see what's keeping everyone busy. I hope everyone else will do this too, especially my sisters who have been a bit behind on their blogs.

Things I have been up to lately:
~Coaching our 10U team in fall league
~Showing lots of homes
~Working, working, working
~Still arranging and settling into my new home
~Hunting with my husband

Things I am excited about:
~My fall wreath I made and getting more decorations on the porch before fall is over
~Soup and chilli weather
~Maybe having the house ready for Trick or Treaters
~Gas prices being so low
~Our first married holidays

Things I look forward too:
~Upward basketball
~Fishing in the spring
~Jackie's wedding
~Having kids
~Decorating for the holidays

Things I try not to think about:
~That the candidate I didnt pick will win
~My husband hunting in MO for a week
~Gas prices going back up (whenever they do)
~Bill paying and how it stresses me out, I'm not good at it yet
~Having kids - I have baby fever and need to be a patient a little longer:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ballot Time

Early voting began earlier this week and I just want to encourage everyone to please go out and vote during this election. I realize not everyone will have the same opinions and beliefs. But please consider your decision. Please weigh the pros and cons of each candidate and realize there are extreme differences between these two men. Experience, faith, patriotism and attitudes are just a few important things that set these two candidates apart. I also ask that you please pray before you go to the polls. Pray for the candidates and their families, pray for us as we elect our next leader, and pray that we will do God's will for the country and go in the direction He wants us to go in. Also encourage those around you to go vote with you. So many people are registered and never vote at all. Please let them know how important their vote really is.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Campaign Pains

So we have been hearing about this election for a year, if not 2, now. This will only be the 2nd time I have been able to vote in a national election and for the most part, I'm still excited about voting. But, after watching another debate last night, I am beginning to be very frustrated about issue and facts that don't seem to have much attention.

1. I have heard that a guy on Obama's campaign worked for Freddie/Fannie and was connected to fraud. Who is this guy, whats his actual connection with Obama, and was he guilty of the fraud?

2. Why did Barack change his name and when?

3. He's not black, stop calling him that. He may not be "white" but he's not black black. He's mulitracial or whatever another term is, but he's part white and I think his dad is Hawaiian? Anyone know for sure that can inform me?

4. Sarah Palin may be new to government, but obviously she is doing something right. She didnt come from money or politics and has continued to be elected into positions because she is making a difference and serving the peoples best interest.

5. Why do people (dems) bring things up about Bush starting 8 years ago. He was re-elected 4 years ago so there shouldn' be any problems brought up about the first 4 years.

6. I've never been polled so it makes me wonder who they are surveying and how accurate they are.

7. This is for Obama: (in case he ever reads my blog, ha.) Small biz's can't afford to pay for the healthcare that you want to make them carry. They do good to pay all of the other things required of them and if they have something else they have to pay, they won't have any employees to cover.

8. I'm still concerned about the Obama's patriotism and his intentions in office. I don't know why, it just lingers in the back of my mind for some reason.

9. I don't think McCain is perfect, but I think he has the country's best interst in mind. He's in his 70's and still serving and has never acted like the usa owes him anything.

10. I have a McCain Palin sign in my yard. It makes me feel proud and involved in whats going on. I have learned more and more the last several months about politics and people and really feel more educated this time around. Its not because I agree with things my husband thinks all the time, but that he explains both sides of the issues and lets me decide for myself. After seeing both sides of the candidates and what they stand for and their intentions, I feel confident in my vote and that I'm choosing the best option for our country.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Anderson Luke is Here!!

I knowAllen and Holli are so excited and we are so happy for them. We are excited and blessed by the new addition to our family. Praise God for his blessings and for a new little one to love!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Where were you?

I got this from Jenny's blog and thought it was a good idea also. Where were you on September 11, 2001?

I was a freshman at University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, AR. I was still asleep because I didn't have class until 9:30 and my mom called. I was a little perturbed because I knew I still had about 30 mins before I had to get up. She told me to turn on the tv and I couldnt believe what I saw. As I was watching and on the phone with her, the first tower fell. It looked like a camera had just fallen over backward because the building just slowly disappeared from the tv. Mom told me she loved me and we would just have to wait and see what happens next because they still werent sure what was going on. The classes were cancelled and we had a dorm meeting where they gave us instruction to stay at school and don't go home. My roommate was from Rison and both of us couldn't have gone home if we wanted since we live within the "circle" of the arsenal and the nuclear plant at Russellville was under watch also so we were kind of stuck there anyway. So we just stayed glued to the tv in total disbelief and hoped that the worst was over. I remember later a group of us went to lunch and we were sitting outside. It was a beautiful day and I realized that I had forgotten for awhile what had happened that morning and at that very moment, there was still panic and many people injured, dead, and searching for their loved ones. The tragedy was only just beginning. I know I am so guilty of not remembering the people involved in things that are not right in front of me. The war, 9/11, and other conflicts I take for granted that we are not having to deal with on a daily basis.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


1. Do you like blue cheese? NEVER TRIED IT
3. Do you own a gun? MY HUSBAND DOES
4. What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? BLACK CHERRY
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? YES
6. What do you think of hot dogs? I LIKE THEM WITH CHEESE
7. Favorite Christmas movie? A CHRISTMAS STORY
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? COFFEE
10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? MY WEDDING RING
11. Favorite hobby? PAINTING
12. Do you have A. D. D? NO
13. Do you wear glasses/contacts? YES
14. Middle name? GAYLE
15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? WANT TO GO BACK TO BED, CAN'T WAIT FOR LUNCH, HOPE I SELL SOMETHING TODAY
16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? SWEET TEA, WATER, DR. PEPPER
18. Current hate right now? POLITICAL CAMPAIGN
19. Favorite place to be? ON THE COUCH WITH MY DH
20. How did you bring in the new year? WATCHING TV
21. Where would you like to go? ON A CRUISE
23. Do you own slippers? YES
24 What shirt are you wearing? BLUE STRIPED BUTTON UP
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? NEVER HAVE
26. Can you whistle? YES
27. Favorite color? PURPLE
29. What songs do you sing in the shower? THEME TO CHICAGO
30. Favorite Girl's Name? EMMA GRACE
31. Favorite boy's name? STEVEN COLE
32. What's in your pocket right now? LINT
33. Last thing that made you laugh? MY HUSBAND, HE'S REALLY FUNNY
34. What vehicle do you drive? 2004 HONDA ACCORD
36. Do you love where you live? YES
37. How many TVs do you have in your house? 3
38. Ever wish you were back in High School? SOMETIMES
39. Have you ever been on a blind date? YES
40. Biggest thing you are excited about right now? ANDERSON LUKE COMING SOON!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mr. Bubble

There will be no new posts today. I'm not supposed to blog about my DH putting Dawn in the dishwasher.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey good lookin, whatcha got cookin?

Yesterday was a severe case of "the mondays". I started my day at 8:30 sitting in the courtroom waiting for jury orientation. We were done about 10:30 and I made $15.00 just for being there for roll call. The sad thing is, this was one of the few highlights of my day. I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon working with Arkansas Main Street staff that was visiting our town. We had a good tour and ate lunch at Brew Heaven. I heard my theme song of the day "rainy days and mondays" as I ate my wonderful lunch and rested. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the phone, again, between my office and Countrywide, and the closing office. This has pretty much consumed my days since I wrote the offer in June. Did I say June? I meant JUNE!!!! As in 2 months ago. If any of you ever use Countrywide for a loan or any other reason and I find out about it, you will be shunt. They have been the worst company ever to work with.
I get back in the office about 5 to finish up things for the day and show a family at 6:30. I'm again on the phone with the closing company and countrywide trying to get it all straight while getting papers prepared for my showing. This whole Countrywide issue has made my blood pressure high, i've been tense and frustrated for weeks. I was excited about my showing because I thought I would take my mind off of it and give me something else to think about. And it did.
We arrived at our first showing and quickly figured out it just wasn't right for this family. So on we go to showing number 2. We pull into the driveway of a little fixer-upper on a couple of acres. No problem. Its vacant so we go on in and start looking around. As I walk through the kitchen I get to the door of the "bonus room". I open the door and I am greeted(?) by a very strong chemical smell. (Anybody know what i found yet?) I have never seen what i saw before and i could only guess at it, but my buyers guessed the same thing before I told them what i thought it was. I think it is perfectly ok to have a small butane tank hooked up to a small cast iron kettle pot. WHEN YOU ARE CAMPING! Not so appropriate in the "bonus room" of your home. I was extremely grateful I was not showing this home to a family like my sister with small children runnning around. I showed my very first "crack shack".

Friday, August 22, 2008

I've seen my children.

Yes i have. I'm not kidding either. You know how you always dream of your family and what your kids will look like. Will they have my eyes, my husbands nose, which traits will show up and which won't? I've seen pics of my DH when he was younger and he hasn't changed much. Same hair color and freckles and such. I thought we had similar traits that our kids might have. He has red hair, mine is brownish red and red runs on my dad's side. We're both tall, have darker/ brown eyes. So you kind of get an idea about what your kids might look like. Right?
My first thought came when i saw pics of some of his sisters and their families. You can pretty much just mix and match their kids and you'll never really know who the true mom is.... because they all look the same. Same shape face, same tootsie roll brown eyes, same light colored skin with rosy cheeks, same redish brown hair. I've heard it call the "reagan look". They're all cute kids, great looking families. Just interesting that all of them look so much alike. And that was just from looking at pictures. You know siblings resemble and share traits, but for the most part have their own characteristics (allen and anita look like mom, i look like dad). Then i met his sisters, and they do, they all look alike. So ok. Pretty good idea what our kids will look like. Down to the 'T'!
Last weekend we were at a wedding and I saw them. Our children. Cutest kids i've ever seen!!! A little boy and girl, probably 2 and 4ish, holding each other's hands as they walked with their mom. Light skin faces with little rosy cheeks, beautiful dark red curly hair, brown tootsie roll eyes and sweet little freckles on their cheeks and nose. They were so precious and so cute walking hand in hand like their mother told them to. It was such a sweet moment for me and Steve because we saw the kids at the same time and then looked at each other and we both knew it was like seeing ourselves down the road a few years from now.

P.S. If by some chance my child comes out with dark black hair passed down from Steve's momma and doesn't look a thing like either of us, then i'll love it just the same.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Observations

Most of these were made during the daylight-pre bedtime games. I quit observing and just watched as I hung on the last few minutes before the last medal ceremony of the day.

"The gold medalist, from the United States, Michael Phelps."
"ching chang chong chu chow cho Michael Phelps"
"mouli vu qu shay a de vwa? se sua? Michael Phelps"

1.) Why are some (several) of the athletes "winded" at the end of their event? I realize it is a competition and strain on the body. But if it is a 1500 meter race, the swimmer knows how far he has to go. Its not a surprise, so why not train until you can swim it and not be tired.

2.) Same goes for the marathon runners. You know how long the race is. Don't look so tired like you didn't know it was 26 miles. You're an Olympian!

3.) Why do the swimmers start breathing heavy during the interview after the race? They stand there while the reporter asks a question and breathe normal, but when they start to answer they start huffing like they are out of breath.

4.) I think its great that Michael Phelps has the most medals. I really do, its a new record and hard to achieve. But, holy cow on the interviews. Just message him on facebook already.

5.) I liked it better when they had different judges from every country giving a score (like diving).

6.) Why are the athletes so nervous. I know it's the "Olympics", but they just competed against the very same people last year in the World Championships.

7.) Did the Chinese gymnastic's team buy blue eyeshadow in bulk from Sam's Club?

8.) And do they really think it makes the 12 year olds look 16?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Strange

... it is to sleep alone. I went this week to some training (2 Days) in Hardy, AR for the Arkansas Downtown Network. We had a group cookout at the Spring river, went swimming and got to meet a lot of people. But after we got back to the hotel and I went to my room, I then realized I would be sleeping by myself. (My DH couldn't go with us and was in Sheridan.)
A few thoughts ran through my head as i realized I would be sleeping alone for the first time since i've been married. "who was going to lock the door for the night?" "who was going to turn off the lights and check everything before we went to sleep?" it was going to be... me.
He wasn't going to be there when i went to sleep and when i woke up. (I know some of you are thinking this is soo sappy and silly). But i was sad. I didnt like the feeling of being by myself now. It was so strange. No one there to pull the covers, or hug you goodnight. How strange it feels be alone after knowing the comfort of having someone there to protect you and hold you. I thank God for marriage and the joys and warmth that it brings and for missing my husband and how happy he (and I) was when i came home today.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

... in sickness and in health

So.... i'm now eating my words spoken on Sunday when I told my parents "he's been sick since friday and I feel fine." I did feel fine except that I hadn't slept since Friday b/c like i said "he's been sick."(sniffing and snoring.) One of those summer colds that you think will pass, only we've determined he got sick from the hospital when we were there visiting on Thursday. Hospital germs must be stronger than regular germs. So.... I did feel fine. Monday was fine. Tuesday was fine. Tuesday night was NOT fine. By 9:30 my head was so stopped up, and throbbing and I could only breathe out of my mouth. So neither of us slept last night. (more sniffing). I realize now this isn't the same as dating. One of you gets sick, the other takes care of it and stays healthy. Now we share the germs. There is no more healthy house to go home to. So I wish I was 10 again and I could just say "circle circle dot dot, now I have my cootie shot."
(more sniffling)

Friday, June 27, 2008

14 things in 14 days

Tomorrow we will have been married for 2 weeks. Yea!!! So I thought I would make a list of
"14 things I have learned and love about being married in 14 days"
-Btw... these are in no particular order-

1. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. I believe 80% of those couples only had 1 bathroom.

2. He snores and I talk in my sleep. So we're even right?

3. How comforting his snoring can be when you wake up in the middle of the night and forget
where you are. :)

4. The dishwasher can cause a disagreement.

5. #4 means we're working together to clean up the kitchen. :)

6. Men have more clothes than we think.

7. It is impossible for one to get up in the morning and not wake the other no matter how quiet
you try to be.

8. He is not as quiet as I am.

9. Having someone to kill the spider and not laughing at you for asking. :)

10. The way he locks the deadbolt behind him if he leaves the house before I do. :)

11. Men and women are very different when it comes to water pressure in the shower. I figure
that out every time I forget to turn the middle knob before I turn on the water.

12. Its not the joint account you have to worry about, its the joint snack food that diminshes.

13. There are 2 places for everything. The place where it belongs, and the place it gets put.

14. He's the first and last person I see everyday. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here a blog, there a blog.

So, since everyone else has a blog, I thought I'd jump off the bridge too.

Now I just need to figure out what to say so that people will want to read my blog.

I wanted to start a blog because I wanted to keep things up to date. I love reading my friends and families blogs because I love to see whats going on in everday life. The funny things my nieces do and budget and family tips from my sister, friends who don't live near and who I don't see often. It seems that even when you do talk to people often, you sometimes you still miss out on the little things because conversations are quick or interrupted. There are so many changes in peoples lives that when you catch up with someone, you only talk about the big things. We don't really get to the little things that are important to us every day. I want to share and learn more than just "we have 2 kids, I work here, he works there, we stay busy, what about you?" conversation.