Saturday, July 10, 2010


So I've not been so great about keeping up like I said, however, it has been less than a year this time!

So since then here's a rundown:

-Shoe store is doing great in Sheridan. Staying busy and expanding a little at a time. There's lots of changes so you need to come by if you havent been here in a while.

-Our 10u softball team won league for the 3rd strait season and took 2nd place at ASA State Tournament!! We came in 3rd last year so we were super excited for 2nd, especially since we beat last years champs and put them in 3rd!
Also our 12u won league in their division as well!

-Been able to catch up with a new found cousin, Tanna. She seems so sweet and really has a heart to show God to others. I've been really blessed and joyed to follow her blog and chat with her a couple of times and get to know her. Hopefully we get to actually meet soon.

-Our dog Annie is still crazy, but getting better. She's finally calmed down enough to turn in to a cuddly lap/cuddle dog that I was wanting. But she's still crazy. I dont know whats with her.

-We're anxiously waiting for Allen & Holli to be chosen by a birth mom as they are an officially waiting family. They are so wonderful and Anderson is just a joy and such a ham. I think its awesome how God fits everything together in His timing and when we don't even know, we just think we're waiting.

-Between softball and the store we've been really busy although its a short list. I'll see about getting some pics up soon of the team and Annie, she's grown since her November pictures.

Have a great day! The suns out by a big rain cloud so we'll see who wins. I vote rain if it means its less hot!