Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey good lookin, whatcha got cookin?

Yesterday was a severe case of "the mondays". I started my day at 8:30 sitting in the courtroom waiting for jury orientation. We were done about 10:30 and I made $15.00 just for being there for roll call. The sad thing is, this was one of the few highlights of my day. I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon working with Arkansas Main Street staff that was visiting our town. We had a good tour and ate lunch at Brew Heaven. I heard my theme song of the day "rainy days and mondays" as I ate my wonderful lunch and rested. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the phone, again, between my office and Countrywide, and the closing office. This has pretty much consumed my days since I wrote the offer in June. Did I say June? I meant JUNE!!!! As in 2 months ago. If any of you ever use Countrywide for a loan or any other reason and I find out about it, you will be shunt. They have been the worst company ever to work with.
I get back in the office about 5 to finish up things for the day and show a family at 6:30. I'm again on the phone with the closing company and countrywide trying to get it all straight while getting papers prepared for my showing. This whole Countrywide issue has made my blood pressure high, i've been tense and frustrated for weeks. I was excited about my showing because I thought I would take my mind off of it and give me something else to think about. And it did.
We arrived at our first showing and quickly figured out it just wasn't right for this family. So on we go to showing number 2. We pull into the driveway of a little fixer-upper on a couple of acres. No problem. Its vacant so we go on in and start looking around. As I walk through the kitchen I get to the door of the "bonus room". I open the door and I am greeted(?) by a very strong chemical smell. (Anybody know what i found yet?) I have never seen what i saw before and i could only guess at it, but my buyers guessed the same thing before I told them what i thought it was. I think it is perfectly ok to have a small butane tank hooked up to a small cast iron kettle pot. WHEN YOU ARE CAMPING! Not so appropriate in the "bonus room" of your home. I was extremely grateful I was not showing this home to a family like my sister with small children runnning around. I showed my very first "crack shack".

Friday, August 22, 2008

I've seen my children.

Yes i have. I'm not kidding either. You know how you always dream of your family and what your kids will look like. Will they have my eyes, my husbands nose, which traits will show up and which won't? I've seen pics of my DH when he was younger and he hasn't changed much. Same hair color and freckles and such. I thought we had similar traits that our kids might have. He has red hair, mine is brownish red and red runs on my dad's side. We're both tall, have darker/ brown eyes. So you kind of get an idea about what your kids might look like. Right?
My first thought came when i saw pics of some of his sisters and their families. You can pretty much just mix and match their kids and you'll never really know who the true mom is.... because they all look the same. Same shape face, same tootsie roll brown eyes, same light colored skin with rosy cheeks, same redish brown hair. I've heard it call the "reagan look". They're all cute kids, great looking families. Just interesting that all of them look so much alike. And that was just from looking at pictures. You know siblings resemble and share traits, but for the most part have their own characteristics (allen and anita look like mom, i look like dad). Then i met his sisters, and they do, they all look alike. So ok. Pretty good idea what our kids will look like. Down to the 'T'!
Last weekend we were at a wedding and I saw them. Our children. Cutest kids i've ever seen!!! A little boy and girl, probably 2 and 4ish, holding each other's hands as they walked with their mom. Light skin faces with little rosy cheeks, beautiful dark red curly hair, brown tootsie roll eyes and sweet little freckles on their cheeks and nose. They were so precious and so cute walking hand in hand like their mother told them to. It was such a sweet moment for me and Steve because we saw the kids at the same time and then looked at each other and we both knew it was like seeing ourselves down the road a few years from now.

P.S. If by some chance my child comes out with dark black hair passed down from Steve's momma and doesn't look a thing like either of us, then i'll love it just the same.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Observations

Most of these were made during the daylight-pre bedtime games. I quit observing and just watched as I hung on the last few minutes before the last medal ceremony of the day.

"The gold medalist, from the United States, Michael Phelps."
"ching chang chong chu chow cho Michael Phelps"
"mouli vu qu shay a de vwa? se sua? Michael Phelps"

1.) Why are some (several) of the athletes "winded" at the end of their event? I realize it is a competition and strain on the body. But if it is a 1500 meter race, the swimmer knows how far he has to go. Its not a surprise, so why not train until you can swim it and not be tired.

2.) Same goes for the marathon runners. You know how long the race is. Don't look so tired like you didn't know it was 26 miles. You're an Olympian!

3.) Why do the swimmers start breathing heavy during the interview after the race? They stand there while the reporter asks a question and breathe normal, but when they start to answer they start huffing like they are out of breath.

4.) I think its great that Michael Phelps has the most medals. I really do, its a new record and hard to achieve. But, holy cow on the interviews. Just message him on facebook already.

5.) I liked it better when they had different judges from every country giving a score (like diving).

6.) Why are the athletes so nervous. I know it's the "Olympics", but they just competed against the very same people last year in the World Championships.

7.) Did the Chinese gymnastic's team buy blue eyeshadow in bulk from Sam's Club?

8.) And do they really think it makes the 12 year olds look 16?